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Being the daughter of a florist myself, I chose to name my business Flowerchild...for quite simply literal purposes. I grew up around weddings and was lugged from early-morning market runs in San Francisco from the start. As a child, weddings and flowers were somewhat of an annoyance. Bombarding my life and semi-private space. It's ironic how things change. I realized early on in my college years that flowers were a huge part of my life. Ever since then, I've been gladly hooked.

Mom started her business out of our modest family home in Northern California when I was just a baby. My bedroom was typically crowded with buckets and buckets of flowers and kept at a chilly, more flower-friendly temperature... She eventually grew out of our place and is still doing weddings in her 1915 craftsmen-style home in Sacramento today. 

After being around flowers for all of my years I honestly don't know what I'd do without them. They remind me of home. I moved to New Jersey to be with my now husband and immediately sought work in Brooklyn under other florists. I have designed for talented industry pros Tin Can Studios, Kate Holt Creative, BRRCH, and Bows and Arrows. They gave me all the floral nourishment I needed away from home and now here I am doing what I love most.

Here at Flowerchild, we embrace the natural quirks and beauty of our blooms. We let the flowers speak for themselves, vines and odd foilages set our hearts a flutter! Either sourcing them from local farms or hand picking them at market for your special event. We cherish the friendships we make with our clients and are thrilled to be apart of someone's most special day.




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"We create moments of aesthetic, evoking emotion, 

collaboratively building your most special day."


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