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Our creative director and lead designer, Chelsie, is the daughter of a florist. Hence the name Flowerchild.

A California native, with fond memories of early-market flower runs, she was carted around the San Francisco market at an early age and still visit friends there when time allows, now toting her two daughters alongside her.


She has a degree in interior design, years of wedding work experience and stints in retail for companies like Anthropologie that she feels have contributed to the way she does things today.


Our small team sources florals from all over, prioritizing local and seasonal goods. We specialize in weddings and events as well as flower a select few restaurants.


We believe in great design. Flowers should make you feel. Our goal is to create an event that is enveloped in a particular feeling, that is as unique as you. 


Design should never be forced, authenticity is something we treasure. We marvel at the power of color and the wonder of wispy tendrils. 


We are Flowerchild. Hello.

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